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Graphis Gold
Award Winner

Graphis, New York / USA, is the compelling record of the world’s most significant and influential works in Design, Advertising and Photography. Since 1944, Graphis has presented the work of people in the visual communications industry who have demonstrated excellence and determination in overcoming economic, cultural and creative hurdles to produce extraordinary brilliance.




Branding & Brand Design
• Business Intelligence & Core Story
• Brand Personality, Positioning & Promise
• Crafting UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
• Crafting USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
• Brand Architecture
• Naming & Tagline Development
• Brand Identity (Logo) Design
• Brand Collateral & Stationery
• Brand Manual

Graphic Design
• For Print
• For Digital

Corporate Website Design
• Business Goals Driven Design Hierarchy
• Conversion Centered Design
• Responsive Design
• On-Page SEO
• Site Speed
• Forms & Auto-Responder Management
• Opt-In Management

ROI Driven Digital Marketing
• Google Ads [PPC Advertising]
– Google Search Ads
– Google Display Ads
– YouTube Ads
– Remarketing

• Social Media Marketing [PPC Advertising]
– Facebook Ads
– LinkedIn Ads
– Twitter Ads
– Advertising Platforms based on audience

• Email Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Lead Generation

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