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ROI-focussed Digital

We assist businesses in achieving a singular goal: Increasing customer acquisition, month after month,
year after year
We accomplish this by running high-yielding paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

• Results within weeks
• High conversion-focused leads
• 3x-5x monthly return on investment

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Shield Uncertainty

The current business climate is constantly shifting. A successful digital marketing strategy provides your company with a powerful tool for building an ever-growing sales pipeline.

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Effective?

Everyone seems to be doing something digital. However, the majority of people are doing it incorrectly. They dive in with no knowledge of their target audience, market, or competition. They lack the proper messaging and do not understand how to reach the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. As a result, there are no results.



3000+ Patient Leads

Client: Cancer Clinic
Geography: Pune, India
Industry: B2C | Medical Services
Channels Used: Google Ads
a. 3000+ Patient Leads
b. ROI: 7X




5000+ Physician

Client: Healthcare IT Product & Services Company
Geography: USA
Industry: B2B | Healthcare & Medical Services
Channels Used: Facebooks Ads/LinkedIn Ads/Google Ads
a. Email Leads: 5000+
b. ROI: 10X+




5000+ Student

Client: School & Education
Geography: India
Industry: B2C | High School
Channels Used: Conversion Centered Website/SEO/Multi-Channel/Facebooks Ads
Email Leads: 5000+




14,000+ Member Leads

Client: Health & Wellness Program
Geography: India
Industry: B2C | Health & Wellness
Channels Used: Multi-Channel Advertising
Member Leads: 14,000+


Hyper-Scale Your Business


My name is Bhaskar.

I’m the Co-founder of Zero-G.

I’ve worked in sales and marketing in various capacities for more than 20 years.

My background includes selling software services in the US market, managing Fortune 500 accounts, and assisting businesses in rapidly scaling revenue through the use of branding and digital marketing.

We’ve worked with B2B and B2C businesses for the past ten years, primarily assisting them in gaining more customers through paid advertising strategies on platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our digital advertising strategy for your company will have one primary goal: to increase customer acquisition.

If you’re interested in hyperscaling your company’s growth, please complete the form below and we’ll contact you.

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Case Studies

Healthcare IT Company, USA

We have generated thousands of premium quality leads from one of the toughest to reach audiences (on the internet), specialized medical doctors in the US Market.



We generated multiple ROI for an Ecommerce brand in the apparel space using Facebook and Instagram Advertising.


School, India

We use social channels to enhance the brand of the school and effectively communicate its vision and ongoing activities to stakeholders.


High-School Education, India

We helped grow this high school debating organization from an online newbie to the top online debating organization for schools in the country. We effectively used online advertising channels to achieve massive scale and reach a pan India audience. Thousands of students have applied to join the organization and for its events via multiple online channels.


Cancer Clinic, India

We used Google Search Ads to enhance the brand of this cancer specialist surgeon in his city and significantly increased his monthly patient volume and surgery volume. ROI over the past 24 months has been 7X+, month after month.


Leading University, USA

We have effectively managed the social channels and email marketing for the alumni organization of this university. The entire event management process for events across the country was seamlessly marketed and executed via digital channels. The digital activities of the organization helped it establish a strong connect with its audience and get large sponsorships from corporate donors.


Influencer/ Business Coaching

Generated thousands of leads on the launch of an EBOOK using Facebook Advertising. This was for a business leader who is in the business coaching niche.



What people are saying

“Thanks for your work. Today, we got our first closure from digital marketing”.
♥ President, Healthcare IT Company that caters to US Market

(Each customer for this company has a Customer Lifetime Value in hundreds of thousands of US dollars)


“You have been a wonderful asset over the last few years”.
Thanks for your help. This was a v good event. Thank you so much for your hard work on promotions as well as your ideas on how we can make it better.
♥ Board Members, Alumni Association of a Leading US University


“Thank you for all the hard work and patience you offered to create this beautiful communication window for us. I appreciate your clarity, quality and commitment. It was a pleasure working with you online and learning along the way too”.
♥ A Top School, India


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