Identity Design for Barefoot Dance Company

  • Client Barefoot Dance Company, India / Industry Art and Culture / Category Branding

Kuchipudi is one of seven major classical dance forms in India. Barefoot Dance Company India was founded by Sandhya Raju with a vision to promote Kuchipudi and encourage the next generation of Indian classical dancers to pursue the art professionally. The company has also been keen on breaking myths that audiences have towards Indian Classical Dance by offering a fresh and contemporary approach.


To create an identity for a company that not only encouraged the next generation of Indian classical dancers to pursue the art professionally but also have a universal appeal to draw audiences worldwide. It needed to communicate the client’s unique vision towards her craft – a fresh, vibrant, contemporary and international aesthetic.

Design Approach

Central to the visual identity for Barefoot Dance Company is a dancing foot that combines a (contemporary) ballet-like rise with a downward ‘thump’, integral to classical Indian dancing. The energetic splurge of dancers serves, so to speak, as the desired outcome – a genesis of a new generation of Kuchipudi dancers. Suggestive sounds of the ghunghroo (foot-bells) tied around the dancer’s ankles accentuate the role of rhythm in dance, enabling complex footwork to be heard by audiences.


The company and its website at the time of its launch has hugely increased the client’s visibility and drawn interest from dance communities in India and abroad.

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