Mobile Exhibition Design for a NGO

  • Client Chetna, India / Industry Non-Profit / Category Branding

CHETNA is a non-profit organization that works towards empowering women and children from disadvantaged communities. The NGO guides such communities to efficiently manage their families’ and communities’ nutrition and health. The mobile exhibition was designed to travel through Indian villages while sharing information on traditional Indian plants and herbs that were intrinsic to indigenous medical practices in rural environments.


The design approach for the exhibit was inspired by the natural cycle of nature, both in color and form using the ‘forests’ as the over-arching theme. The invite for the event launch was designed using a simple graphic illustration that was screen-printed on the front and back sides of a die-cut card in the shape of a leaf. The illustration served a dual purpose – on the one side it illustrated the Namaskar (the Indian Mudra used predominantly as a gesture of greeting) and on the other a leaf.

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