Visual Identity for the Indian
Schools Debating Championship

  • Client Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS) / Industry Non Profit / Category Logo

In November of 2022, the Indian Schools Debating Society (ISDS) announced its first edition of the Indian Schools Debating Championship (ISDC). The competition is a one-of-its-kind WSDC format debating competition in India for high school students and is committed to providing participants with a learning and competitive experience like never before. They sought our help to create the logo for this event.

Encouraging critical thinking, expression, and debate in education

The logo helped establish ISDC as a unique and exclusive channel through which the best debaters from high schools across India would emerge and be heard.

A high-angle perspective view of a debate mike was created. The radiating concentric circles depicted the diverse and inclusive nature of the championship in India. The overall logo could be likened to a dart on a dart board lending a sense of competitiveness to the identity that an all-India level championship deserved.

The animated logo was created as a more engaging and memorable variant capturing valuable skills and takeaways for students from debating in education.

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