The Three ‘C’s of Design


By Shalotte Sugathan

For me, the three choicest ingredients of design action are – Conscience, Courage and Craft.

Building a design Conscience in a broad and moral sense is one of the divine laws. A conscience that helps designers awake to a service responsibility towards society, our communities, the world, our planet, a higher interest that surpasses our business interests and goals.

Equally important is to design with Courage – to always rise to a challenge, re-make ourselves and re-do in ways that can create change and/or bring  transformation.

Finally, to be able to realistically translate and make this happen using the highest amount of care and Craft brings greatest fulfilment.


shalotte sugathan
Shalotte Sugathan
Co-Founder and Principal
Zero-G Design

Zero-G Design is a branding, design and digital marketing consultancy.
We use the combined power of business innovation + design + technology
to help businesses get noticed and achieve rapid growth.

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