Semiotics of Soul


By Shalotte Sugathan

While I’m hardly religious, it goes without saying that work takes me to some deeply spiritual places.

Any form of design works if it has soul.

When I work on building visual identities the question I’m always looking to answer, deep within, is whether we’ve been able to touch the spiritual core of the organisation / service. Does it communicate their soul meaning (or soul idea). Does it truthfully, beautifully, transparently, and simply personify that soul?

For a creator, such a process can be intellectually and emotionally stirring, overwhelming and elevating all at the same time. It’s the path we generally take at Zero-G.


shalotte sugathan
Shalotte Sugathan
Co-Founder and Principal
Zero-G Design

Zero-G Design is a branding, design and digital marketing consultancy.
We use the combined power of business innovation + design + technology
to help businesses get noticed and achieve rapid growth.

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