Branding Purple Kaddu [Mumbai]

  • Client Purple Kaddu, Mumbai / Industry Technology, Healthcare / Category UI / UX, Web + Mobile
The Kaddu with Purple Eyes

Purple Kaddu (Kaddu~Pumpkin) aims to help families indulge, without guilt, in food that they love. It is positioned as a personal food expert where qualitative and quantitative information on healthy food can be found. Information on the portal covers healthy food products, healthy food recipes and restaurants that serve tasty but calorie-counted, healthy food. We were involved in the creation of their visual identity and preliminary phase of the portal’s user interface design.


Pumpkin, in general, provides great heart health and nutritional benefits; and the choice of royal purple was intended to associate the brand with royal health advice. The brand’s mascot, Purple Kaddu, was created to play this role of the expert health advisor offering valuable tips on healthy food choices. Overall, the visual and color palette was a result of this natural cohesion of the brand’s vision.

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