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By Shalotte Sugathan

I’ve always been deeply enthralled by the scholarly pre-occupations and incredible diversity of my Indian ancestral heritage which envelopes the study of Astronomy, Poetry, Literature, Art, Architecture, Mathematics, Phonetics, Philosophy, Mysticism, Astrology, Cosmology and Mythology, all at once.

So it’s naturally wonderful when, occasionally, a design solution for the 21st century is guided by an element of Indian Mythology, Science, or even the universally recognized and used Indian Numerals created by the passionate astronomers and mathematicians of India thousands of years ago.

A few that come to mind –


An identity we designed for a philanthropic effort was inspired by the mythological symbolism of the ocean from an episode of the Puranas, in a rather unpredictable and unexpected way.

Take a look.


An exhibit and invite designed for the launch of a mobile exhibition that highlighted the natural, medicinal wonders of ancient Indian plants and herbs. The invite was based on the Namaskar Mudra.

See here.


A book and poster series that was inspired by a desire to breathe life into numbers – 1 to 10 – and communicate their symbolic, inner meanings.

View this work here.


shalotte sugathan
Shalotte Sugathan
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